Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach is a powerful alternative to traditional advertising and a very effective strategy for promoting awareness and increasing your brand's credibility.
An influencer is someone who can deliver your message and promote your brand to a large number of people of like-minded interest to your brand. Since the audience already trusts the influencer's opinions, they are more likely to be influenced to do business with you.
How does Influencer Outreach Work?
An effective approach to influencer marketing involves developing an authentic professional relationship with someone who shares similar a similar mission with your brand but has already established a loyal audience that trusts their knowledge and perspective.
Reaching out to influencers and persuading them to advocate for you is not a quick or easy process. It needs to be done carefully and thoughtfully - from choosing the right people to approaching them the right way and with the right offer. When it is done correctly, it can give your brand access to a bigger audience than ever before. This is why we'll take care of this for you.

Our Influencer Outreach Process

We'll help you define your goals

Clearly defined goals make it a lot easier to know what influencers are the best choices to execute your strategy. We'll work together to identify those goals and carve up a target influencer hitlist.

We'll build the relationships

Success can be only as good as the relationship with the influencer. We take the time to get to know influencers and build a long-lasting relationship positioned to truly advocate your brand.

We'll work with the influencers to execute the strategy

While there might be sensitivity about allowing an influencer to be involved in your plan, the vast expertise that the influencer has to offer within your target market can be a huge benefit. We'll be that point of contact between you both to make sure that the strategy is well-executed.

We'll keep evaluating and optimizing

We'll track all output from the influencer to see what has impacted your business goals the most. We'll condense all of our analysis in an accessible and digestible format, suitable for all stakeholders.
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